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Course:  Real Club de Golf El Prat  (45 holes)
Location: Terrassa
Course Designer:  Greg Norman
Established:  1954
Par: 72: – four par 3´s, ten par 4´s, four par 5´s
Par: 72: – four par 3´s, ten par 4,s, four par 5´s
Signature Hole:
El Prat was the first golf course in continental Europe designed by Greg Norman. The course’s design concept gives it a unique character that places an emphasis both on aesthetic appeal and playability.
The new Real Club de Golf  El  Prat has been created to suit golfers of all levels and styles and, no less important, all individual game preferences. There are areas for those who enjoy wooded surroundings as well as for those who prefer open spaces, and of course, there are also areas for those who want a combination of both..
From the very first, Greg Norman’s priority upon taking stock of the possibilities of the land the course is situated on was to make it seem as though the course had always formed part of the landscape. And he did it.
Thanks to the wonderful design and execution of the project as well as the enormous effort by the green-keepers, despite its youth the course looks as if it has been in place for years.
45 holes that make you proud to play golf
El Prat offers each player multiple game options, thereby providing an almost endless string of sensations by enabling players to alternate between courses that are nothing alike. Each swing is different from the one before. What more could you ask of a golf course?
The course’s fairways make use of the soft natural slope of the terrain. This allows the 45 holes to preserve the area’s indigenous features: forests, open spaces, grain fields, natural drainage, hills, ravines and drops. That is to say, everything necessary to make golf a unique sport. The greens are large and rolling, allowing great variety in pin placement. Each tee box has seven markers, from black to pink, to suit any level. In short, playing  El Prat  is a pleasure. A game on any of its courses is, for any player, an unforgettable experience. Each swing conjures up unique emotions that bring you closer to a feeling of pride for having taken up golfing. You begin to understand why it is that some courses make this sport great. There is no doubt that El Prat is one of them.

Green Fees for Real Club de Golf El Prat:

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